Established in 1999, Container Technologies Industries, LLC (CTI) is dedicated to serving the Nuclear and Commercial Utilities Industries as a metal fabricator of standard and specialty nuclear waste containers. Our containers are certified for low-level/mixed-level nuclear waste and can go on to hold the hazardous and radioactive waste, materials, and equipment used and removed from deactivating and demolishing contaminated facilities. CTI has an NQA-1 certified program, our Quality Program has passed numerous audits over the last 20 years.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of (EM) environmental management, D&D, DOE, DOD, commercial, and nuclear build plant construction.

CTI is committed to great customer service, a robust NQA-1 quality program, maintaining a low cost structure, and an employee friendly workplace. CTI is proactive in keeping our employees safe. We constantly strive to improve every part of our business. To that end, we welcome comments and suggestions from customers, employees and vendors.

Commercial Nuclear

Department of Defense

Department of Energy


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