The Preferred Fabricator to the Nuclear Industry

Container Technologies Industries, LLC (CTI) has been in business since December, 1999. CTI is dedicated to serving the Nuclear and Commercial Utilities Industries as a metal fabricator of standard and specialty nuclear waste containers. Our containers go on to hold the hazardous and radioactive waste, materials, and equipment used and removed from deactivating and demolishing contaminated facilities. CTI is an NQA-1 certified facility, our Quality Program has been audited and accepted by many of the top Site Contractors throughout DOE.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of (EM) environmental management, D&D, DOE, DOD, commercial, and nuclear build plant construction.

CTI is committed to great customer service, a robust NQA-1 quality program, maintaining a low cost structure, and an employee friendly workplace. CTI is proactive in keeping our employees safe. We constantly strive to improve every part of our business. To that end, we welcome comments and suggestions from customers, employees and vendors.


Head and shoulders above any of their competition and consistently go above and beyond what normal suppliers and fabricators are willing to do.

B&W Y-12: HUBZone small business of the year

The willingness, perseverance, patience and competency exhibited by your team in executing our requests and shipping priorities during the final phase of the contract were exemplary.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Your responsiveness in supplying the subject contract in such time restraints and with such accuracy, you have provided a service not only to our activity, but to the United States Navy.

Department of the Navy (Naval Reactor Supply Chain Directorate)

HubZone Small Business of the Year 2021

CTI was recognized for their exceptional support of UCOR and its mission to support the U.S. Department of Energy’s cleanup of the Oak Ridge Reservation. CTI provided a broad range of materials and fabrication services to the UCOR project. From large waste containers to components for the legacy clean-up of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment Continuous Purge System.

Christy Reed (CTI Operations Manager) Amanda Daughtery (UCOR Procurement/Buyer), Kyela Baird (CTI Sales Manager)